Councilman Adam Reich


Council Candidate Adam Reich



Adam Reich was born and raised in Freehold Borough, where he completed his primary education through the Freehold Borough School District and his secondary education at the Freehold High School. Adam went on to earn his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York which included a study abroad in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

After returning home from college in 2003, Adam became involved with volunteer opportunities in the Borough and the surrounding community such as the Freehold Borough Recreation Commission and Freehold Beautiful, Inc. and their various events and activities.

Adam was elected to a position on the Freehold Borough Board of Education in March of 2004, extending a family tradition: his grandmother, Bunny Hammer, grandfather, Jerome Hammer and father, Ron Reich all served on Borough Boards of Education. During his time on the Board of Education, and through his liaison position with the Freehold Borough Educational Foundation, Adam focused on increasing communication with our local government and community through school messages, district events, and personal contact and communication with residents. He retired from the Board in 2011.

Adam was appointed to the Freehold Borough Planning and Zoning Board in 2009, continuing another family tradition as his grandfather was also a member of the Zoning Board. Adam served as the vice chairperson from 2012 to 2016 and has served as the chairperson from 2016 to 2019. Adam also served as the board’s liaison to the Freehold Borough Historic Preservation Commission from 2014 through 2018. In 2016, Adam was selected by the Mayor and Council to be a member of the Freehold Development committee which – through a collaborative effort with residents, business leaders, and the borough’s governing body – created a “Visioning Report” to help guide our town’s development strategies in the future. In 2020, Adam was elected to the Freehold Borough Council, following in the footsteps of his mother, Lynn Reich, who was a member of the Council from 1979 to 1990.

In 2005, Adam joined the Free and Accepted Masons, the world’s oldest fraternity, and was the elected leader of the Asbury Jordan Lodge #142 in Neptune, New Jersey in 2010 and again in 2012. He has been the elected Secretary of the Olive Branch Lodge #16 in Freehold since 2016.

Adam’s career has spanned architecture firms in Monmouth, Mercer and Ocean counties and includes more than 5 years as a Project Architect/Construction Manager with the New Jersey Schools Development Authority. He is currently the Project Architect/Coordinator for Zimbler Architecture, LLC. located on South Street in Freehold.

Adam married his wife, Tara in the summer of 2010. Tara is also a Syracuse Alumni and holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. She has taught mathematics at Marlboro High School since 2008. Adam and Tara have two wonderful boys: Ethan and Brayden, who are students in the Freehold Borough School District.

As a member of the Freehold Borough Council, Adam is a member of the Personnel Committee and is the Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Commissions, the Human Relations Committee, and the Green Team. While on the Council, Adam assisted with the acquisition of the Court Street School, which will allow the community to continue to access a wonder piece of our history; the transition to our new Borough Hall on Mechanic Street; the construction of a new water treatment plant; the coordination of COVID clinics to enable over 90% of our residents to be vaccinated; the coordination of grant processes for our Neighborhood Prevention Program, park upgrades and renovations, equipment for our police and fire departments, infrastructure maintenance and improvements, and other improvements to the health and wellbeing of our residents. Adam is also a supporter of our infamous Participatory Budgeting which welcomes input and recommendations from our residents on how a portion of our annual budget is spent on improvements to our hometown. Additionally, Adam is very invested in ensuring the redevelopment of our Borough is sensitive to our robust history, conservative to fit in with our townscape, and beneficial to our residents, commuters, and businesses in and around the downtown area.

In working with the Historic Preservation Commission, Adam helped facilitate the enactment of the Certificate of Appropriate process which enhanced the authority of the Commission as well as the designation of the Monument Park Historic District and the Peach Orchard Historic District (in progress) which will further preserve the residential aspects of neighborhood areas.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our borough, please do not hesitate to email Adam; he’s more than willing to assist!