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All political and public policy-related questions and comments surrounding specific issues or topics within Freehold Borough.



Questions, comments and volunteer inquiries related to specific committees within Freehold Borough government.


Questions related to a contribution you would like to make to the Freehold Borough Democratic Party or our local political campaigns.

Neighborhood Volunteer Program:

With the Neighborhood Volunteer Program you are involved in the political process by working in the neighborhood you know best.

FBDP Internship Program:

The Freehold Borough Democratic Party Internship Program is an opportunity for teenagers and young adults to get involved in the political process in their community.


Mayor Michael Wilson

Former Mayor



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2019 Freehold Borough Governing Body


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Councilman Michael DiBenedetto - MDiBenedetto@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Councilwoman Annette Jordan - AJordan@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Councilman Kevin Kane - KKane@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Mayor Nolan Higgins - NHiggins@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Councilwoman Margaret Rogers- MRogers@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Councilwoman Sharon Shutzer - SShutzer@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Councilman George Schnurr - GSchnurr@FreeholdBoroDems.org



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Freehold Borough Democrats

Post Office Box 7552

Freehold, New Jersey 07728



Former Mayor Michael Wilson - MWilson@FreeholdBoroDems.org

Freehold Borough Municipal Chairman


General Information - Info@FreeholdBoroDems.org